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    Christmas tree

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Xmas tree box

Christmas can not do without a Christmas tree and no Christmas tree cannot go without a stand.

To meet this issue, we have created a unique solution that is Xmas Tree Box Stand.

Our company has many post-production waste - metal and wood. In order to somehow use these things that went to recycling points, we wanted to create a product made on the basis of these elements.

So at the beginning of October 2017, the idea of a unique Christmas tree standswas born.


Our product

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Xmas Tree Box - Christmas Tree Stand

Boxes are made of pine wood, with a solid metal handle for the trunk of the
Christmas tree - it has a water container inside.

There is a possibility of choosing a color and a pattern. Everything for individual needs that we want to meet.


Best quality, beautiful desing

We would like to expand internationally on European and global markets.

We are looking for interested companies that would like to buy a product for themselves - hotels, restaurants - or companies interested in reselling the Xmas Tree Box on the local market.


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